Mighty Catcher


<Mighty Catcher> is the 1st live-streaming crane game in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Gamefi. As a blockchain game with strategic gamefi elements, where you can earn the XPTC token through simple daily missions, skillful gameplay and thanksgiving events. Players can play and grab physical prizes and virtual e-voucher items through real-time remote control.


With over 1 million players, <Mighty Catcher> is the number one popular online play to earn crane game. Players can play to earn XPTC tokens at anytime and anywhere by accessing the mobile app. Enjoy multiple live streaming and real-time control online crane games with diverse styles and difficulty levels that fit users from beginner, amateur to master. Get physical prizes with door-to-door free global shipping and e-vouchers that apply to regional markets across the world. Also, players can recycle the prizes as XPTC which is one more given way to earn XPTC token.

XPTC token can use to consume heaps of new and trending products in the in-game online megastore. Besides, XPTC token is tradeable to the major cryptocurrency such as BNB, BTC, and many more in the decentralized exchange platform, pancakeswap.


As known as a money-earning online crane game with low investment cost and short profit cycle, Mighty Catcher is the best blockchain crane game ever. Discover the wide variety of entertaining and money-earning crane games now. To the moon!


Available on both iOS and Android. Free to Start.


Play & Earn Token
Designed for Binance Smart

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Trendy gifts


We search and find all kinds of products for you. Ranging from fashionable goods,
boutiques, Bluetooth earphones and speakers, to beauty products and home/kitchen appliances.

Real-time Online Catcher


Combining the traditional crane game with modern technology, it uses live streaming
to perform real-time remote control. The dual lens allows the player to view the
actual situation of each crane game from the front and side. After the coin is inserted, the player can control the direction and capture through the virtual operation panel. When you see your favorite products, you can "grab" it home anytime.

Play to earn


Intriguing gameplays with money-earning features that allow you to earn fruitful rewards. Guarantee attempting rewards in a short return cycle but low investment cost.

Free Delivery


After submitting the order, you can receive the prize directly by courier, without having to go to any. You can enjoy the experience of clipping dolls, shopping, and gift collection without leaving your home.

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