Deal A: Direct delivery     
Deal B: Exchange products for points and shop!

Other than grabbing prizes through the crane machine, you can also shop for them through our online store. Other than Deal A - delivering the prizes directly to your home, you can also exchange the prizes to exclusive tokens. Exclusive tokens can be used in our Mighty Shop which introduces more varied and higher quality products, and some of them include limited editions. Exchange smaller prizes to more valuable products, adding more fun to pure online shopping. All prizes and products
will be sent free of charge.

Mighty Shop

Mini department store

Mighty Shop's products are relatively high-end, such as the Nintendo Switch game console, Marvel Iron Man 1:1 Bluetooth audio set, panoramic camera, wireless dust collector, etc., to ensure that you will hang around. Plus the products will be updated from time to time to ensure that players can redeem the latest and most popular products.